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As Frost Valley YMCA’s chief brand experience officer, I’m responsible for the external and internal image of this longstanding nonprofit. With an MBA from Temple University and two bachelors degrees from Rowan University, I lead a marketing team, and play a vital role in supervising the human resources team, Frost Valley’s service delivery function, and other pertinent aspects of the organization. Previously, a writer for an AOL news site, a legal marketing firm, and an environmental blog, I have contributed to Forbes.com and often present nationally on topics such as marketing, communications, and leadership. As of 2019, I have been honored to serve on the YMCA Collective Marketing Initiative, which is the national steering committee on marketing for the Y. In my free time, I work toward my Six Sigma white belt, take spin classes, knit (see sweater in photo), sew (see below), and I love reading a variety of genres.

Did you know I have a side gig?


As of July 2020, I started selling face masks, which I sew on my grandmother’s sewing machine in my spare time. A few years ago, I opened an Etsy shop for some knitted items and, well… it was kind of a dud! I stopped selling for a while (know when to fold ’em), but when the pandemic hit, I wanted to use my maker powers for good, so I started sewing masks for friends and family. My skills improved, and in just a few weeks I had 30 sales (which is about the same number of sales as my old shop produced in a span of several months with much more effort). Ah, the power of demand. Anyhoo – if you’re interested in seeing my humble little shop, here’s the link: www.oldsaltcraftco.etsy.com*

*My mom says that some of the masks that have curses on them will prevent me from professional opportunities… I guess I’m taking my chances. Interestingly, those are my best selling masks, so it would appear the people have spoken, and they want sassy, yet beautiful face masks! But if that’s not your thing, don’t worry, I’m truly not a potty mouth! 😉

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