These are a few of my favorite things. Anything bold is the main selling point.


  • Buffer – schedule content to multiple social channels, provides metrics about the performance of your content, and uses that data to suggest future content. Only  free for up to 10 scheduled posts. Non-profit discount! App and web-based.
  • Mention – receive notifications whenever your brand is mentioned on the internet (including social!) or any other keyword you choose. Free version is pretty substantial. App and web-based.
  • Hootsuite – schedule content to multiple social channels, provides metrics over time, track your mentions and keywords you choose (and respond in app/site). Free version is pretty substantial. App and web-based.
  • Iconosquare – delivers key metrics for Instagram, widget for Facebook to link to your Instagram account. Web-based only.
  • Twellow – designed to augment your profile and increase your following on Twitter. Web-based only.


  • Google Analytics – keep track of your website traffic; create url campaigns to track your referral sources; track user demographics, interests, locations, behavior, and technology; compare current data to historical data – a necessity.
  • Clicky – perfect for sites with a considerable amount of traffic and interested in observing real-time data, heatmaps, alerts you when your site is down
  • Church Analytics – tracks typical website metrics but also tracks video metrics, mobile-friendly, inegrates with bi.tly, provides twitter metrics
  • KISSmetrics – uses your google analytics to provide metrics about your digital marketing efforts
  • ClickTalecustomer experience anayltics – keystrokes, behavioral reports, heatmaps showing where users look and how far down visitors scroll, optimize conversion rates with information like what forms that take too long to fill
  • CrazyEgg – very similar to clicktale, try free versions of both and see which you prefer!
  • Pingdom – test your website load time and compare to other sites on the web


  • Boomerang for Gmail – schedule emails to be sent later, schedule emails you receive to be “boomeranged” back to you at a later time/date (to remind you)
  • Timeful – app that syncs with your calendar and tells you what to do when – your own personal scheduling assistant!
  • Sleep Cycle – an app that wakes you up when it senses you are most ready based on your sleep cycle, which it tracks and records. Think of it like sleep analytics! I wake up at 5:00am every morning using this app.
  • Salesforce – actually an SaaS CRM tool, but I didn’t have a category for that, but I must share how it will absolutely help you manage all of your leads and also analyze your sales/marketing efforts (free for up to 10 users to all 501(c)3 charities!)
  • Time Out – will fade your computer screen (think of it as if it’s putting a slightly transparent shade across your monitor) at pre-set times throughout the day. Taking regular breaks is proven to spark creativity and enhance productivity. I set mine to have a 10 minute break every 50 minutes (you do have the option to skip the break if you’re in the middle of something). Available for free on iOs and Mac.



  • HBR Ideacast – my personal favorite podcast that offers a variety of topics from business to tech to marketing to management to everything else
  • Bulletproof Radio – ever since I started putting butter in my coffee listening to this came with the territory (as did enhanced mental clarity and increased energy… just sayin’)
  • Marketing Profs – a must-listen for all digital marketers


  • The e-newsletters of almost all of the above blogs
  • Public Relations Society of America – curated articles from around the web related to communications and marketing
  • American Marketing Association – curated articles from around the web related to marketing
  • Inc – also a favorite magazine of mine offers info on a variety of topics including leadership, business, and innovation


  • Charity Water – I’m obsessed with their marketing approach. Extremely genuine and very millenial-centric
  • Center for Infectious Disease Research – Recently re-branded by my friend Edward, who is doing amazing things with their marketing and messaging
  • Back to the Roots – just check out their website alone…
  • Dollar Shave Club – hilariously entertaining brand even if you have no use for them
  • The Dry Bar – the really get their customers and give them what they want even when they’re not at the salon

What are some of your favorites?*

*that you aren’t trying to promote for personal/professional gain (because those get deleted)

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